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Network News

Apr 11, 2016
Office Address Change
Dear customers,
Kindly inform You, that the Customer Office of ARMINCO LTD has been moved to 8 Komitas Ave.(near Mergelyan Park).

Feb 29, 2016
On 27 Feb 2016 Arminco LLC will have no customer service at 28 Isahakyan str. due to technical upgrades
Dear valued customers,
Please be noted that on 29 Feb 2016 Arminco LLC will have no customer service at 28 Isahakyan str. due to technical upgrades.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.
Arminco team

Jan 22, 2016
VOIP service outage
Dear customers, Please, be informed, that today, January 22 since 13:45 till 14:45 a VOIP service outage can be occur. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Aug 6, 2015
We are upgrading our servers. and - the incoming mail servers - will be unavailable for few hours from Aug-06-2015 23:30 AMT (Aug-06-2015 19:30 UTC) to Aug-07-2015 08:00 AMT (Aug-07-2015 04:00 UTC) During this time you may not be able to send/receive messages.

CBA Currency Exchange Rates as of 2017-03-27
US DollarUSD1484.00 AMDBritish PoundGBP1609.45 AMD
EuroEUR1526.01 AMDIranian RialIRR1001.34 AMD
Canadian DollarCAD1363.23 AMDJapanese YenJPY1043.88 AMD
United Arab Emirates DirhamAED1131.78 AMDRussian RoubleRUB18.52 AMD
Ukraine HryvniaUAH117.81 AMDGeorgian LariGEL1198.52 AMD

Internet Connection

Data transfer services over public electronic network

Connection to Arminco network nowadays is considered to be the fastest and the most reliable one. Investing in FO connection today, you create a reliable basis for your business due to data transfer increasing speed.

If necessary, speed upgrades from 10mbit/sec to 100mbit/sec are realized without any additional hardware installation; you just need to change your contract terms. Transfer to 1Gbit/sec is realized by changing the convertor and the contract terms.

Installation includes Fiber Optic cable installation and RJ-45 (Ethernet) port provision. In some cases installation might be impossible due to technical conditions.

Fiber network setup price - please, call: +374 60 270000


Bandwidth within the Arminco Network is 10mbit/sec
Bandwidth between registered Armenian Networks is 100mbit/sec
Bandwidth connection to the Internet is determined by the ordered plan.

Our plans are based on the current network trends and the most general monthly traffic capacity. We do our best to have an optimal combination of price/quality for every group of users. Service description is characterized by a 1:N contention ratio that reflects the quantity of conjointly working users. 

Data transfer services over public electronic network BB

 Data transfer services over public electronic network up to Monthly fee
10 Mbit/sec (daily quota 20000MB)** 20 000
10 Mbit/sec (daily quota 24000MB)** 25 000
10 Mbit/sec (daily quota 30000MB)** 30 000

Data transfer services over public electronic network CIR (1:1)

Data transfer services over public electronic network   Monthly fee 
2 Mbit/sec 24 000
3 Mbit/sec 36 000
4 Mbit/sec 48 000
5 Mbit/sec 60 000
6 Mbit/sec 72 000
7 Mbit/sec 84 000
8 Mbit/sec 96 000
9 Mbit/sec 108 000
10 Mbit/sec (100 Mbit/sec within ARMINCO network) 120 000

Data transfer services over public electronic network (within ARMINCO network)


Monthly fee

10 Mbit/sec

15 000

100 Mbit/sec

60 000

Additional Services

Service Description

Monthly fee (AMD)

8 (minimum) additional IP address subnet (/29)

 4 000

Note: All prices are in AMD (Armenian Drams) and include the 20% VAT.
Prices mentioned above are valid from 01.06.2014

*Additional IP addresses are not available
**Additional 8 IP (/29) addresses are available

Data transfer rate depends on the current device capabilities

For any question concerning FO provision feel free to contact us via 060 270-272, contract department.

Sample Agreement